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Post on December 29, 2018 by Marla Rutherford

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What a year filled with ups & downs which is natural. Some days I went through every emotion in the book when it came to my feelings on being a professional wedding photographer. Confidence, insecurity, passion, and frustration. This industry is for those who have to thrive on every aspect of being a photographer, including the long hours & physical exhaustion. The challenges are part of the journey & always in the end it’s worth it for the love of creating great art.

One of those most important things I did was push myself as an artist. In July we put together what may have been one of Colorado’s biggest styled wedding shoots. Two days, two couples & 15 vendors. Calculating almost 100 hours of research, emails and preparation. I also advanced on my reception lighting, becoming more technically proficient when it came to dealing with darker venues.  Most importantly I stopped trying to compare myself to all the wedding photo insta trends that are just not me. The last was one of the toughest because in this social media driven world it’s so easy to get sucked up into what others are doing & losing my personal style. It’s important for me to stick to what’s ME in order to continue loving what I do and pushing through those challenges when they erupt. It’s also important for my couples cause the clients I seem to be getting are the ones who are say we want you & only you cause of your unique style. Thanks to all these couples who trusted me with their important day and invited me into their story. Each one is unique and beautiful in their own way which keeps me inspired and continuing on each year. Below are my top 40 images from my 2018 engagement shoots and weddings.



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